Rehearsal plan for 17th November

Dear CGO Members,
Here’s the plan from Valerie for the next rehearsal on 17th November:
“Thank you so much for recording my 2 Halloween pieces. What fun that was! You really got into character and seemed to have a blast. Again, thank you a million times. I assume you were sent the link to both pieces on YouTube? I would be grateful if you shared it on Facebook and/or with your friends/family via email.
The menu for next rehearsal: I decided to wait on recording Christmas in Cambridge. I think it’s hard and needs more rehearsal time. So, we will record in January. No one will know we didn’t record it at Christmas. We can promote it as “Here’s what CGO was up to during the holidays” and release the recording.
Let’s start with Dulcinea, then all 3 Purcell, Christmas in Cambridge (somewhere in here we’ll have tea), Tren Urbano, Fairy Pools. Not sure if we’ll have time for anything else. Might be a good idea to play through the pieces we work on as if we were at a recital. If we have some time, we can always work on 2 Themes. Thanks again and see you soon…happy practising! Valérie”
I thought I had sent out the links to the videos, but in case I forgot here they are again:


Set dressing and face paints

Dear CGO members,
I have bought a few items for set dressing and some face paints for tomorrows recording session.
Anyone good at face painting or who have a family member who is and could come along? Could do with a few extra brushes and sponges also.
I don’t have a suitable mirror to bring along, and no I am not a vampire!

CGO Rehearsal 20th October

Dear CGO members,
It is time to raid the dressing up box for the video recording this Sunday. Don’t forget, I don’t want to be the only one. Here’s the plan from Valerie:
“Be prepared for a ghostly afternoon recording Gnome Zombies and Weeping Angels. There is promise of cake at break time!
Also, we will rehearse non ghoulish music, including Fairy Pools, Tren Urbano (I can hear those metronomes ticking away), & Duclinea. I know Christmas is a long ways away but it would be lovely to record the Christmas carol piece I wrote for CGO. So, we will start rehearsing this in October, rehearse it a lot in November and record at end of our November session. One of our members is away in December, so hence recording it in November. If time permits this Sunday, maybe we could play through both Walton?”
There will probably be a follow up email about part allocations, Carol music etc.

Michael Poll – Rodrigo Concerto at the Bloomsbury Festival on the 12th of October

Dear CGO Members,
About the complimentary ticket I mentioned at the last rehearsal.
If you would like to use the ticket please email me a number between 1 and 100 before 11pm Sunday 6th Oct and the closest to the number I’ve selected (using gets the ticket. Note that I’ll be on a canal boat at the time so won’t be submitting a number myself.
Here’s an excerpt from my correspondence with
“Dear Mike
That is great news. I will arrange a ticket. Very best wishes Katie
On 24 Sep 2019, at 21:56, Dr Michael Dennis Addlesee < <>> wrote:
I am sure one of the members of the Cambridge Guitar Orchestra would be pleased to attend if a complimentary ticket was made available. Thank you.
Mike Addlesee
CGO Chairman”
For whoever gets to use the ticket it might be best to email Katie and give her your name so the people at the door know who to admit.


Michael Poll is performing the Rodrigo Concerto at the Bloomsbury Festival on the 12th of October 7:30pm – 9:30pm.
Venue: Great Hall, London House, Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, Bloomsbury London, WC1N 2AB
More information and links to his work are available on his website, Michael Poll has performed across the UK, the US, and South America, where he has earned praise for his refined and patrician interpretations. His debut album, of Bach for 7-string guitar, has garnered over 750k streams in the four months since its release, and has several hundred monthly listeners across the UK.

New music

Dear CGO members,
Sorry for the late posting, but here’s notice of some new music from Valerie, it’s called “Weeping Angels”. Mike Lloyd has put the score and parts up in the members area of the CGO website –
and the part allocation has been updated at –
There is also an audio file to listen and practise to at –
Last plan from Valerie was “On Oct 6th I will rehearse Fairy Pools, Gnome Zombies, Wild Mountain Thyme, Tren Urbano (whole piece), 2 Themes, Tico-Tico, and both Waltons if time permits.” but I think this will now also include the Weeping Angels.
Again, sorry I left this message so late for you to practise the new piece.

Postponement of AGM. And change to next rehearsal date & location.

Two issues for your attention:
*1) AGM*
I have been discussing with the committee the possibility of a one off delay in the holding of our AGM.
In clause 12.a our constitution says “The AGM shall be held annually on the second rehearsal of the Orchestra year.” That would have been our next rehearsal. However this would be problematic as we currently have two officers of the committee away having medical treatment.
Under clause 20.a of the constitution it says “These Rules shall not be altered or rescinded except with the consent of a majority of Full Members.” So I am asking you to vote, via the Doodle Poll below, for a temporary change to clause 12.a just for this year to postpone the AGM until January 2020.
*2) Next rehearsal moved in space and time*
Few members could make the rehearsal on the 22nd and based on the previous Doodle Poll the 29th seems to be a better choice. So 22nd is cancelled and we will meet on the 29th September instead.
Foxton Village Hall was not available for the 29th so I have had to arrange an alternate venue which will be Milton Road Library, Ascham Road, Cambridge CB4 2BD. We will be in Meeting Room 2. The library is normally closed on a Sunday so we will gain access via a key in the key safe at the front of the building.

Rehearsal plan or 8th September.

1) Tico-Tico: play through at slow speed to help out those who are new to the group or have changed parts.
2) Work on Deux Thèmes and after we work on it, do a run through. Michael has kindly added the score to the Members’ repertoire page so if you missed a rehearsal (or just want to double check you have everything written down), you can add your dynamics to your part. We can now try to play this faster after 3 rehearsals: crotchet = 65
3) Touch her Lips by Walton: add dynamics and play through.
4) Tren Urbano: Those of you who have missed rehearsal, please ask Michael who are your band partners and find out the dynamics for your part. Beg-43: run through. Note: Intro is crotchet = 80 and at bar 23 we are doing crotchet = 125 (remember that I am adding a full bar of counting to establish our new tempo before bar 23) Bars 68-91: run through. bars 133-167. Note: at bar 134, the tempo is crotchet = 80 and we’re back to crotchet = 125 on bar 142. Again, I will do a full bar of counting before bar 142 to establish new tempo. bar 91-133: Note: the new tempo and key change. 80 might feel too fast, we can try 70 for our 1st time rehearsing it. New section: bars 200 to the end
We may have to stop for Tea Time mid Tren Urbano, we will continue rehearsing it after Tea.
5) Rehearse Villanesca by Granados, will make sure the copy with dynamics on the score is scanned.
6) End with all 3 Purcell, makes for a lovely & light dessert.
(NB: annotated scores with dynamics for Deux Themes and Purcell in the members’ area of the website )

Next rehearsal Sunday 8 September – and dynamics

I hope you had a good break and are ready for our next rehearsal on 8 September!

There is a copy of the “Deux Themes” score, annotated with Valérie’s dynamics, as well as an updated version of the Purcell dynamics. You will find both on the members’ scores page of the website: . Maybe worth checking that you have annotated your score correctly.