Details of Valerie’s live guitar concert -7pm 14th November

Dear Members,
Thought you would all want to know about this…
“LIVE Guitar Concert on YouTube with Valérie Hartzell 14 of November, 7pm UK Time
Tickets are only £3  and can be purchased online at which will take you to PayPal (once you have your ticket or tickets, you will receive the YouTube link). Enjoy dinner, a glass of bubbly or a nice cuppa while putting your feet up in the comfort of your own home while listening to live music. Please subscribe to my channel £1 of each ticket sold will go to the Heart of Marston. Marston Moreteyne VC Lower School has designated a therapy room for the mental health & well-being of the students at its Church End Site.  Specialist staff training & equipment is needed. I have several students attending the school (which is located behind my street). I’m excited to help out this very important project for the well-being of children. I will be performing my own compositions as well as Spanish music, my arrangement of The Beatles, music by English composer Mark Houghton, American composer Susan McDonald, French composer Thierry Tisserand, Barrios and Bach.
Feel free to share this concert with friends and family. Thank you for your support and see you online! Valérie Hartzell
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CGO Update

Dear CGO Members & some potential new members,
Sunday 13th September was to be the day on which we recommenced rehearsals at Foxton Village Hall, but as I pointed out in my last group email (on 26/8/20) that plan had to be abandoned. This was of course due to Covid and the need of some of our members to shield. The recent increase in the number of cases is also not looking too promising.
So in that last email I mentioned some options of what we could do until rehearsals do restart. The feedback received was positive on the idea of recording a virtual orchestra piece. So we’re going to get into this, gently at first, with the Thierry Tisserand piece called “La valse des brumes”. It’s actually a trio but should be an easy introduction to doing virtual recordings. The plan is that Valerie will shortly be recording herself playing each of the parts and I will distribute these so that you can listen (with headphones) and play along yourselves while you make your own video recordings. Then I will attempt to stitch all the videos together.
If all goes well we can publish the edited video on the CGO YouTube Channel and then try something a bit more complicated.
Our Zoom sessions seem to have faded, but I will be present for an impromptu Zoom meeting at 3pm (N.B. We used to do 2pm but that seemed a bit too close to Sunday lunch time so hopefully 3pm is better) Sunday 13th for anyone who fancies a chat, and perhaps a guitar solo or two. I’ll keep it short, just 45 minutes is I think the free meeting time limit.
CGO Zoom videoconference details: ;  meeting 317 756 7251 ;   password CGO@Zoom1

CGO latest news

Dear CGO Members,
I’m sorry to have to tell you that we won’t be restarting rehearsal in September.
The committee met a while ago (by Zoom video conference) to discuss this and came to the conclusion that we have too many members that need to shield so it’s really not practical to restart rehearsals. This will be reviewed before January.
Foxton Village Hall have been made aware of this decision and understand our position.
During the meeting the committee also voted for Colin to be confirmed as CGO treasurer. This was based on constitution clauses 17 & 18. Formalities with Lloyds bank are underway.
The committee were keen to try and keep the group engaged, motivated and practising. We have a few ideas but would like your feedback about what you would like to do.
1) Possibility of meeting in CGO member’s gardens as quartets, weather permitting.
2) Working towards one or more virtual orchestra pieces. These would be videos assembled from individual recordings by each player on mobile phones. Michael A offered to do the video editing. Perhaps these could be posted to YouTube if successful.
3) 2 hour Zoom meeting with mix of technique talk and solo playing.
4) Something else?
Regarding idea number 2, Valerie was asked if she could suggest a couple of suitable pieces. Valerie thought Cantilena by Jenkins ( might be a good piece, and there is the Thierry Tisserand piece that was dedicated to her. The Cantilena was performed at the Classical Minds weekend and went down very well. The Tisserand (“La valse des brumes” and “La valse des souvenirs”) is a trio so should be much easier to put together, it was published in August. Valerie had previously assigned parts for the Tisserand and the Score is available via the CGO website ( Anne would you like to join in with this Tisserand piece?
Parts reminder:
VALSE DES BRUMES (New): Guitar 1: Mat, Tom, Mike A, Antonio Guitar 2: Colin, Mike L, Hannah Guitar 3: Anne, Lily, Huw, David
Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything that may have been brought up in prior emails to me. Been letting my email checking slip lately.

Lily’s Virtual Crowdfunding Launch Party!

Dear CGO members,
Our members have hidden talents. Did you know that Lily is the author and illustrator of a children’s book.
She has posted on Facebook details of an event this evening between 18:00 and 21:00. She writes:
“On the 30th June, I’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to self-publish my first children’s book – Hector’s Perfect Cake!
Join me on Zoom for a few drinks, a mini-quiz, and a countdown to the campaign launch at 7pm.
The event is free, but please click ‘Going’ if you plan to join.”
Free tickets available via Eventbright –

CGO Zoom session this Sunday for those interested.

Dear CGO members,
I know that Zoom calls are probably losing their appeal now that it’s become so mainstream. The next CGO call is due this Sunday 28th at 2pm for anyone interested.
It was me, Mike and Colin at the last one. I’m still enjoying Mike’s challenge to do more solos, one per week, with a video at the end of each week. I’ve been trying to put into action all of Valerie’s advice – slow practise, use of metronome etc and it does work. It’s been very helpful in rebuilding my solo confidence. I know I’ll never be a great guitarist but I’ve renewed my enjoyment of the journey.
CGO Zoom Personal Meeting ID which is:    3177567251
The password is:    CGO@Zoom1
Via a browser you can simply click on this link:

CGO Zoom Sunday at 3pm

Dear CGO members,
There will be another Zoom session this Sunday 14th starting at the slightly later time of 3pm (so Colin can get his planned cycle ride in first).
Only three of us at the last one but it was good fun. Mike set a challenge of recording a solo each week, I hesitatingly accepted and my first effort can be seen here:
I’m quite enjoying it actually, and today I even opened a music theory book on harmony.
CGO Zoom Personal Meeting ID which is:    3177567251
The password is:    CGO@Zoom1
Via a browser you can simply click on this link:

CGO: Update from Valerie

Dear CGO members,
I hope everyone is keeping well and giving their guitar some regular exercise.
Valerie wrote with an update (Note to Mike Lloyd – Could you add the attached score & parts .PDF to the Website please). She says:
“I hope you are all staying safe. I miss seeing you at rehearsals. Apologies for not being at our recent Zoom meetings. I spend my life online (as I imagine, many of you are doing too) so on weekends I unplug. I will join in at some point for a meeting, no worries.
In the meantime, I’m hoping I can encourage you to pick up your guitar and get ready for when we will meet in person. Perhaps knowing our plan for the Manchester concert would help? Our 2 concerts are not canceled, only rescheduled. It’s up to you how you want to learn the pieces. Perhaps learn 2 pieces the 1st month and add 1 each month? Every time you add a piece, play through the parts you learned the months before so you don’t lose out on your work. There’s good news! You already know many of the pieces and have practised them numerous times pre-Covid. So, that rep should be all about dusting it off and working on upping the tempi.
LA VALSE DES BRUMES by Thierrry Tisserand. He contacted me after he found out I was posting his music on YouTube. He dedicated this piece to me which is sweet. We could learn the 1st one and it would be a lovely way to start the programme. It’s not hard and we could get it under our fingers quickly. I think we’ll need to do that in order to be properly prepared for our concerts. Manchester: I’m performing a 25 min solo programme so that will take the pressure off of CGO. For the Moolight Mandolin, we are sharing a concert so again, that takes loads of pressure. We are not doing a full concert next year which will be great easing back into the performance seat.
BRUMES: Guitar 1: Mat, Tom, Mike A, Antonio Guitar 2: Colin, Mike L, Hannah, Hans Guitar 3: Anne, Lily, Huw, David
Programme: Start after my solo, we’ll do a short set before interval 1) La Valse de Brumes 2) Concertino III (all 3 mvts) 3) Tico Tico Interval
1) Dulcinea 2) Two Themes 3) Touch her Lips 4) Villanesca 5) Wilde Mountain Thyme 6) Fairy Pools 7) L’elephant
Encore: Cantilena
We need to time this, to be fair. We may have too much in the 1st half. Might have to move Tico to 2nd half and end with that. We’ll know more closer to the date but I think that’s enough music. To do the 2nd Granados and the Schubert we will need more people.
Please stay safe and drop us a note (🎶), we would love to hear how you are all managing during the lockdown. I’ve been teaching, recording solo videos, doing the Brouwer Etude challenge, the Tisserand challenge (my student challenged me to learn his music during lockdown), collaborated w/a virtual guitar orchestra and with an artist who’s doing a lecture at the Guitar Foundation of America. Plus, we take advantage of nice weather with rambling in the middle of nowhere w/hubby (who is shielding me & teaching online) with our 15 & 1/2 yr old pup Jodie. Next up, notating on Finale 2 of my compositions and writing more music. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Lots of hugs,

Latest Zoom Information

Dear CGO Members,
Mike Lloyd has now set up our own Zoom Personal Meeting ID which is:3177567251
The password is: CGO@Zoom1
These can be entered into the Zoom App if you already have it loaded on your machine.
But if you want to get in via a browser you can simply click on this link:
This information can be reused for all our zoom meetings (until such time as we decide to change the password).