Invitation to participate in a Guitar Orchestra Retreat Weekend

Our charity is hosting a Guitar Orchestra Retreat in mid-Wales 24-26 July, and we would love to invite you and your members to participate. Those who just want to observe may also do so.
We will be doing some new exciting repertoire, including a movement from a very accessible student guitar concerto called Recuerdos de Andalucia. The event culminates in a showcase concert for participants with everyone having an opportunity to perform in the guitar orchestra pieces. Tons of inspiration and magical music making.
I attach the details to pass around to your members and we hope to see you there. Let me know if there is any other way we may collaborate in future.
Best regards
Dr Avril Kinsey TLDM, PDM, MMus (cum laude), DMus Artistic Director of Guitar Orchestra Retreat Programme Director FCTAMusic (#077942) +27 83 4114889

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Reminder about rehearsal this Sunday

Hello CGO member,
Just wanted to remind everyone that it’s the first rehearsal of the year this Sunday 19th January.
Also during the tea interval we will have the AGM that was postponed from last September. I’m hoping we can get through it quite quickly.
See you all soon.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear CGO Members,
Valerie and I just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year.
Valerie also adds:
“A big thank you to Michael for organising our Christmas dinner & running it. Also, thank you to everyone who contributed with food & drink and helped after to clean up.
I look forward to seeing you all in January and working on our repertoire for the summer recitals.
What we will rehearse in January: Wild Mountain Thyme, Christmas Carol (to record in Feb), Purcell, Dulcinea, break, 2 Themes, Tren Urbano (we’re removed the intro), Fairy Pools, The Elephant.
I will bring brownies to celebrate the New Year at tea time.
During our [Christmas] break I will work on thickening up Tren Urbano and I will re-write Mat’s cadenza again.
As mentioned at the last rehearsal, Classical Minds Festival is 14-15 March, and CGO members get a 10% discount. Yea!
Application is on line with information, bio’s, event schedule, and general schedule.
Feel free to email me at if you have any questions. Have a wonderful holiday.”
Also please note that CGO gets quite a lots of emails to our address. There’s a lot of junk, but occasionally we get items of interest and I’m now posting those to
so please do take a look from time to time.

35 years of the PGQ

I saw this excellent group at a couple of Dillington Guitar Festivals. They are really top-notch.
——– Forwarded Message ——– Subject: 35 years of the PGQ Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2019 16:59:52 +0100 From: Marek Velemínský PGQ <> To:

Dear friends,
*The Prague Guitar Quartet celebrated its 35th anniversary!* During its existence, it has played over fifteen hundred concerts around the world, recorded seven CDs and a number of recordings for radio and television. The PGQ has inspired many composers to write music for four guitars.
Sincerely yours PGQ

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Extended time at end of rehearsal tomorrow

Dear CGO Members,
At the end of the rehearsal tomorrow we will be having our little Christmas “do” as mentioned in last weeks email.
I can confirm that we have the room booked until 6:30pm to allow for this.
Not everyone has replied about the list, so please have a look at it and see if there’s anything you want to add:
CGOPartyFoodList.docx at
CGOPartyFoodList.pdf at

Moonlight Mandolins featuring guests from Naples

Hello CGO contacts, I suddenly have an uncomfortable feeling that we may have forgotten to contact you re our upcoming concert in Cambridge with Mauro Squillante! Apologies for this oversight and we’d love to any of you there who can make it! I am pasting the text of a previous publicity email below, with all the details.
Dear friends of the Moonlight Mandolin Orchestra,
Our end of term concert is a rather special event this time: on Dec 7th we will be playing host to a very exciting trio of players and teachers from the Mandolin Academy of Naples, led by Mauro Squillante <>.
Our guests will offer mandolin masterclasses and and a multi-instrument improvisation workshop in the afternoon. At the evening concert they will do us the honour of performing with us as soloists in the Concerto Grosso No 3 in D minor (Scarlatti/Avison) and in the 2nd half they will play “Dark Side of the Mandolin” – their recreation of Pink Floyd’s classic album performed entirely on 2 mandolins and liuto cantabile. Probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience and definitely not to be missed!
Full details including booking links are here on our website <>, and please click here to view/download a poster <> for the event.
With best wishes,
Hugh Boyde (Musical Director)

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Plan for next CGO Rehearsal

Dear CGO Members,
Here’s the plan for the rehearsal on 8th December received today from Valerie:
“Let’s start with Dulcinea, then all 3 Purcell, Christmas in Cambridge (somewhere in here we’ll have tea), Tren Urbano, Fairy Pools, and if time permits Mountain Thyme.  Might be a good idea to play through the pieces we work on as if we were at a recital. We didn’t have a chance at the last rehearsal so I would rather do that then practise Mountain Thyme. Save it as a back up plan.
At the end of rehearsal we will join together to celebrate Christmas and the holidays!
Attached is the form and it would be great if you could type in what you would like to bring, save, and send back to Michael.
Hopefully we can avoid doubling up.
Looking forward to our last rehearsal of 2019!”
Any replies that update the food form I will post to a copy of the form held on Google Drive:
CGOPartyFoodList.docx at
and for those who cannot open a .docx file (although you should be able to do that within the web browser at the Google Drive site) there’s also this:
CGOPartyFoodList.pdf at

Rehearsal plan for 17th November

Dear CGO Members,
Here’s the plan from Valerie for the next rehearsal on 17th November:
“Thank you so much for recording my 2 Halloween pieces. What fun that was! You really got into character and seemed to have a blast. Again, thank you a million times. I assume you were sent the link to both pieces on YouTube? I would be grateful if you shared it on Facebook and/or with your friends/family via email.
The menu for next rehearsal: I decided to wait on recording Christmas in Cambridge. I think it’s hard and needs more rehearsal time. So, we will record in January. No one will know we didn’t record it at Christmas. We can promote it as “Here’s what CGO was up to during the holidays” and release the recording.
Let’s start with Dulcinea, then all 3 Purcell, Christmas in Cambridge (somewhere in here we’ll have tea), Tren Urbano, Fairy Pools. Not sure if we’ll have time for anything else. Might be a good idea to play through the pieces we work on as if we were at a recital. If we have some time, we can always work on 2 Themes. Thanks again and see you soon…happy practising! Valérie”
I thought I had sent out the links to the videos, but in case I forgot here they are again: