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Dear CGO Members,
Mike Lloyd has now set up our own Zoom Personal Meeting ID which is:3177567251
The password is: CGO@Zoom1
These can be entered into the Zoom App if you already have it loaded on your machine.
But if you want to get in via a browser you can simply click on this link:
This information can be reused for all our zoom meetings (until such time as we decide to change the password).

Zoom meetings today aborted…

Apparently it wasn’t just me that had problems with Zoom today:
On 17/05/2020 14:32, Dr Michael Dennis Addlesee wrote: > > Having to abort today’s Zoom meetings as there seems to be a problem > with Zoom. > > Have tried on two PCs here and they are both doing the same incorrect > things. > > Michael >

CGO: Zoom meeting and new music

Dear CGO Members,
We had a very nice Zoom meeting on the 19th April. Apologies to those who didn’t get the email with the link in time. I’m posting a bit earlier this time around. Also I’m giving two links, one for 2pm and another for 3pm in case we carry on for a bit. Short coffee/tea break interval between the two.
Zoom Meeting(s) for Sunday May 3rd:
Now at the last meeting Valerie talked a about two new pieces to add to our repertoire. These were tried out at Classical Minds weekend and judged to be hits. Mike Lloyd has put the music up on the CGO website in the usual place. Here are the part allocations.
Cantilena (K. Jenkins):
1: Colin and Michael 2: Tom, Mike 3: Antonio, Huw 4: Lily, Hans, Hannah 5: Mat, Anne, David
Concertino III (P. van der Staak [Note to Mike Lloyd – not “Valk” Mike, that was a TV detective back in the 1970s!]): Soloist: Mat 1: Michael, Antonio 2: Colin, Hannah, Hans 3: Tom, Lily, Anne 4:  Huw, David, Mike
And now I must get back to the Bach Bouree that I plan to play on Sunday. Still only at half the proper tempo! Michael

CGO Zoom meeting today at 2pm (Testing 1..2..3)

Michael Addlesee is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: CGO meeting Time: Apr 12, 2020 02:00 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 204 501 384 Password: 7ZJLLM One tap mobile +4312535501,,204501384#,,#,679552# Austria +4312535502,,204501384#,,#,679552# Austria
Dial by your location         +43 12 535 501 Austria         +43 12 535 502 Austria Meeting ID: 204 501 384 Password: 679552 Find your local number:

Zoom meetings?

Dear CGO members,
A few of the committee members have been discussing the possibility of having informal online meetings.
I don’t think it’s viable to do ensemble playing, but it would be good to chat and maybe some people would like to play a solo to the others.
I’ve now signed up for a free membership with Zoom which should be a suitable platform. I understand free membership allows meetings of up to 40minutes normally but this may have been extended for the period of the coronavirus outbreak. You receive an email from the meeting host shortly before the meeting and it has a link you can click on which then opens in a web browser. It’s pretty easy to use, just follow the on screen instructions.
I propose we have one of these virtual meetups at 2pm on each of the dates we had previously arranged before the postponement. 19th April would be the next one, but how about we have a quick trial go this Sunday 12th at 2pm?

Another couple of things

Dear CGO members,
I should have said in the last email that Mat is also available for lessons online, and he is using .
Secondly Tessa, our contact at Foxton Village Hall, tells me they have already received a considerable number of cancellations and says “In the interim, we would welcome any donations to help with the running costs incurred simply to keep the hall available for the future.”
I’m not sure if CGO funds could stand a donation at the moment as we are down on numbers, but I though I’d best share the request and leave it with you.
P.S. CM videos coming soon, I just wish we had switched the lights on! My Nikons don’t like low light, but I think the Blackmagic Design Camera did a good job.

Stay Home – Let’s stay connected

Another FYI item that arrived at the weekend…
——– Forwarded Message ——– Subject: Stay Home – Let’s stay connected Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2020 18:40:22 +0000 From: Adam <> Reply-To: To:

Stay Home – Let’s stay connected Every day a concert for 30 minute until the quarantine is over.
Stay Home – Let’s stay connected
Dear Friends, Hello from Buenos Aires (Argentina), where we’re in lock down as probably many of you!
This is an extraordinary time with so many of us isolated at home and waiting. We are spending so much energy being prepared, being careful, keeping distance…of course, it’s our responsibility. At the same time, _we need to connect_, to keep moving forward, to do things for each other and to encourage each other.
We musicians are used to connecting with people face to face every week: at concerts, in rehearsals, in lessons. We’ve had to think quickly and reinvent those connections so we can keep our own momentum going, *and hopefully give our fans a dose of energy and perhaps a moment to relax, dream, heal, learn, or laugh. *
So here are the ways I’m going to be reaching out to you starting now:
DAILY LIVE SESSIONSuntil quarantine is over. ** 4pm Eastern US 5pm Argentina 9pm Western Europe
Every day I’ll be doing a live session from a different social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube).  I’ll be playing some of my new solo guitar repertoire, playing video duets with fellow musicians (for real!), answering your questions and taking requests of tangos that you can sing at home.
*See you today at 4pm Eastern!*
_Virtual Tip Jar:_ tip jar…if you’d like to support the live sessions you can send at tip via Paypal: <>
*Online Lessons:*
I’ve been teaching online for years and I’ve developed a method that works really well. If you’re a guitarist curious about tango, or interested in improving your performances of Astor Piazzolla’s music, send me a message for details.
*Group initiatives: *
I’m not the only one who’s coming up with ways to keep the music going. My friend Luís Caruana, a bandoneonist and composer, created #lamelodiainfinita: he proposed six notes which musicians are using to create new music, which will ultimately be combined into a video to spread positive energy.  My friend Sebastián Henríquez, a guitarist and tech whiz, found a way that musicians can have long-distance jam sessions with virtually no latency (meaning for the first time you can actually play simultaneously with someone over the internet).  If you have an idea for a group initiative let me know!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in a few hours.*Let’s keep the music going!* Adam
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