CGO’s next virtual orchestra piece.

Dear CGO members and potential members of CGO,
Our last Virtual CGO piece seems to have been well received on YouTube (67 views so far) and Facebook (92 people reached & 23 engagements).
Valerie is keen that we press on with another piece.
This time it is an arrangement of Greensleeves by Mark Cruz.
Mike Lloyd has kindly added the recordings for each part and the score to the members section of the website, under ‘audio’ and ‘scores’ respectively, and is under Anon as composer.
Let me know if you need to be reminded of the access details to the members section.
Valerie writes:
“Hi Everyone,
Here is our next project.
1) Practise with metronome, crotchet = 120. 2) Practise while listening to your part which I recorded while listening to the metronome. 3) When you record the video, make sure you tune to a tuner 1st. Leave a few seconds of dead air before you start playing and at the end.     [Michael adds “Could you give a single handclap at the very start of your video to aid in the synchronisation of audio and video, it really makes my job editing the video a lot easier, thanks.”] 4) I give you 2 bars of counting before starting. That should help with the start. 5) Dynamics written in the score on each part. No slowing down or breath marks. We’re keeping simple. Please have this to Michael by December 15th. Happy practising!
Parts ==== CGO Members: Guitar 1: Mat, Mike A, Antonio Guitar 2: Colin, Mike L, Valerie Guitar 3: Anne, Lily, Huw, David
Potential members/Friends of CGO (no pressure, only if you’re up for the challenge): Guitar 1: Aran Guitar 2: Caroline Guitar 3: Mike B, Adil
Thanks everyone! x”
Please let me know if you can’t find the time to take part, or would like to be removed from the mailing list. Michael Addlesee CGO Chairman