Rehearsal dates

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we have not been able to meet and rehearse together. We have had some informal zoom sessions, mainly to chat and keep in touch – but latency and transmission delays made a normal rehearsal impractical.

We hope to start genuine rehearsals in September and go back to the usual pre-covid pattern of rehearsals approximately every 2 to 3 weeks during the academic year. We usually meet on a Sunday (dates below), 2pm to 5:15pm.

After the long break for covid, many of us will be pretty rusty on our parts – so if you are interested in joining, now is a good time! You will not be the only one struggling to pick up a pile of new music; instead, you will be learning with the rest of us.

Our normal rehearsal location is Foxton Village Hall, 2 Hardman Rd, Foxton, Cambridge CB22 6RN  (note: it is the Foxton in Cambridgeshire, not Foxton South Leicestershire…).   Here are directions for getting to Foxton.

Contact us if you’re interested in coming along to see what we do.

(Links to sound files and recordings in the “Members area” section )

Autumn Term 2021
12 September
26 September (with AGM)
10 October
24 October
7 November
21 November
5 December