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Guitar music from 80 Days Publishing Guitar music from 80 Days Publishing a new collection of books for guitarists from the pen of Christopher Norton, composer of the microjazz series Christopher Norton’s Connections for guitar Christopher Norton’s distinctive contributions

a new collection of books for guitarists from the pen of Christopher Norton, composer of the /microjazz/ series

*Christopher Norton’s */*Connections for guitar*/ <…>
Christopher Norton’s distinctive contributions to the repertoire successfully bridge the gap between traditional literature and music in contemporary popular styles. The pieces in /Connections for guitar book 1/ (and it’s companion /book 2/) cover a wide range of styles and present many of the same challenges found in more traditional repertoire – tonal beauty, balance between melody and accompaniment, natural movement and phrasing. More rhythmically oriented pieces require coordination, a deep-seated sense of pulse, and awareness of stylistic touches and accentuations. All pieces benefit from a strong connection to mood, movement, or image. Pieces from /book 2/ are listed in the Trinity College London classical guitar syllabus.
Also available now: /*Connections for guitar duo* <…>/ with downloadable play-along audio tracks at practice and performance tempo recorded by New Zealand guitarist John Couch. Enjoy the duet experience even if you can’t meet up to play! Follow this link <…> to listen to audio samples.

*Royal Conservatory Canada classical guitar publications*

Drawing upon its reputation of excellence, the fifth edition of The Royal Conservatory’s acclaimed guitar series presents a fresh and exciting selection of material to engage classical guitar students at all levels. Each progressive Repertoire and Etudes book explores a wide range of historical periods and styles, featuring pieces compiled from more than 500 years’ worth of guitar and other plucked-string music. With this series, teachers and students will embark on an innovative learning path designed to foster well-rounded musical development and an enduring passion for their instrument. But even if you are not sitting an exam, this carefully curated and presented collection provides a valuable graded and progressive library of repertoire for all.
*80 Days Publishing distributes* Clear Note Publications <…> in Europe.*Clear Note is one of the* *largest independent publishers of guitar music, based in the US. Order through us and save money on shipping! If we don’t have it yet we can get it.*
/Tristorosa/, a title derived by combining the Portuguese words for “sad” and “rose”, was written by Heitor Villa-Lobos in 1910 when he was 23 years of age under the name of Epaminondas Villaba Filho. This pseudonym had also been previously used by his father, Raúl, a writer and amateur cellist. It is one of Heitor’s earliest compositions and the style of the waltz is typical of those of the period.
Conceived as trios and originally penned for basset horn, a kind of tenor clarinet with a darker mystical tone, Mozart’s five five-movement Divertimenti K. 439b fit very nicely on the warm, romantic sounding modern concert guitar. Classical guitar, capable of both melodic and contrapuntal distinctions, and itself a tenor among the string instruments, is a natural for these pieces.
A most welcome addition to the guitar duo repertoire.
*80 Days Publishing*

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