Rehearsal dates

The CGO has rehearsals approximately every 2 to 3 weeks during the academic year (with a break during the summer holiday period). We usually meet on a Sunday (dates below), 2pm to 5:15pm.

From January 2019, our normal rehearsal location is Foxton Village Hall, 2 Hardman Rd, Foxton, Cambridge CB22 6RN  (note: it is the Foxton in Cambridgeshire, not Foxton South Leicestershire…).   Here are Tony’s directions for getting to Foxton.

Contact us if you’re interested in coming along to see what we do.

(Links to sound files and recordings in the “Members area” section )

Spring Term 2019 
13 January
Sat, 26 January, 3pm-6pm extra rehearsal at Foxton
27 January
Fri, 1 February, 7pm-9pm extra rehearsal at Foxton
Saturday 2 February: Concert at Clare Hall, Cambridge
10 February
Sunday 17 February: Lunchtime concert at Stapleford Granary
10 March
24 March

Summer Term 2019
28 April
19 May
2 June
9 June
30 June
30 June Guitar Federation day at Milton Keynes – note:  clashes with rehearsal!
14 July

Autumn Term 2019
8 September
22 September (with AGM)
6 October
20 October
17 November
8 December (followed by Christmas Dinner?)