Zoom meetings?

Dear CGO members,
A few of the committee members have been discussing the possibility of having informal online meetings.
I don’t think it’s viable to do ensemble playing, but it would be good to chat and maybe some people would like to play a solo to the others.
I’ve now signed up for a free membership with Zoom which should be a suitable platform. I understand free membership allows meetings of up to 40minutes normally but this may have been extended for the period of the coronavirus outbreak. You receive an email from the meeting host shortly before the meeting and it has a link you can click on which then opens in a web browser. It’s pretty easy to use, just follow the on screen instructions.
I propose we have one of these virtual meetups at 2pm on each of the dates we had previously arranged before the postponement. 19th April would be the next one, but how about we have a quick trial go this Sunday 12th at 2pm?