Rehearsal plan or 8th September.

1) Tico-Tico: play through at slow speed to help out those who are new to the group or have changed parts.
2) Work on Deux Thèmes and after we work on it, do a run through. Michael has kindly added the score to the Members’ repertoire page so if you missed a rehearsal (or just want to double check you have everything written down), you can add your dynamics to your part. We can now try to play this faster after 3 rehearsals: crotchet = 65
3) Touch her Lips by Walton: add dynamics and play through.
4) Tren Urbano: Those of you who have missed rehearsal, please ask Michael who are your band partners and find out the dynamics for your part. Beg-43: run through. Note: Intro is crotchet = 80 and at bar 23 we are doing crotchet = 125 (remember that I am adding a full bar of counting to establish our new tempo before bar 23) Bars 68-91: run through. bars 133-167. Note: at bar 134, the tempo is crotchet = 80 and we’re back to crotchet = 125 on bar 142. Again, I will do a full bar of counting before bar 142 to establish new tempo. bar 91-133: Note: the new tempo and key change. 80 might feel too fast, we can try 70 for our 1st time rehearsing it. New section: bars 200 to the end
We may have to stop for Tea Time mid Tren Urbano, we will continue rehearsing it after Tea.
5) Rehearse Villanesca by Granados, will make sure the copy with dynamics on the score is scanned.
6) End with all 3 Purcell, makes for a lovely & light dessert.
(NB: annotated scores with dynamics for Deux Themes and Purcell in the members’ area of the website )