Rehearsal plan for 17th November

Dear CGO Members,
Here’s the plan from Valerie for the next rehearsal on 17th November:
“Thank you so much for recording my 2 Halloween pieces. What fun that was! You really got into character and seemed to have a blast. Again, thank you a million times. I assume you were sent the link to both pieces on YouTube? I would be grateful if you shared it on Facebook and/or with your friends/family via email.
The menu for next rehearsal: I decided to wait on recording Christmas in Cambridge. I think it’s hard and needs more rehearsal time. So, we will record in January. No one will know we didn’t record it at Christmas. We can promote it as “Here’s what CGO was up to during the holidays” and release the recording.
Let’s start with Dulcinea, then all 3 Purcell, Christmas in Cambridge (somewhere in here we’ll have tea), Tren Urbano, Fairy Pools. Not sure if we’ll have time for anything else. Might be a good idea to play through the pieces we work on as if we were at a recital. If we have some time, we can always work on 2 Themes. Thanks again and see you soon…happy practising! Valérie”
I thought I had sent out the links to the videos, but in case I forgot here they are again: