Rehearsal Plan for 16th February

Dear CGO Members,
Here’s the latest rehearsal plan from Valerie. Please note that the Part Allocation Chart on the website has been updated. Note also that the planned recording of Christmas in Cambridge on 16th Feb will now be moved to later in the year and under a revised title.
“Thank you for your hard work and next rehearsal will be a full one. Please, if you have not written in your dynamics for Purcell, could you visit the web site and add them to your part? Also on line (Member’s Page) with dynamics is Tico Tico and Two Themes. Please add the dynamics to your score.
Our plan for the 16th of February: Play through all 3 Purcell, Dulcinea, & Two Themes. After playing them, we will work on anything that needs to be fixed. We will work on Wild Mountain and start Christmas in Cambridge before taking a break for coffee and cake. Then, finish anything from the 1st part of rehearsal and then go to Passacaglia, L’Elephant, and the 2 Granados pieces.
If you are unsure of which part you are on, I have sent the updated chart to Michael.
Lastly, if you can join us at Classical Minds Festival, there is a 10% discount for CM members and the application is on line. Thanks everyone and stay safe this weekend, apparently we’re in for a big storm!”