Postponement of AGM. And change to next rehearsal date & location.

Two issues for your attention:
*1) AGM*
I have been discussing with the committee the possibility of a one off delay in the holding of our AGM.
In clause 12.a our constitution says “The AGM shall be held annually on the second rehearsal of the Orchestra year.” That would have been our next rehearsal. However this would be problematic as we currently have two officers of the committee away having medical treatment.
Under clause 20.a of the constitution it says “These Rules shall not be altered or rescinded except with the consent of a majority of Full Members.” So I am asking you to vote, via the Doodle Poll below, for a temporary change to clause 12.a just for this year to postpone the AGM until January 2020.
*2) Next rehearsal moved in space and time*
Few members could make the rehearsal on the 22nd and based on the previous Doodle Poll the 29th seems to be a better choice. So 22nd is cancelled and we will meet on the 29th September instead.
Foxton Village Hall was not available for the 29th so I have had to arrange an alternate venue which will be Milton Road Library, Ascham Road, Cambridge CB4 2BD. We will be in Meeting Room 2. The library is normally closed on a Sunday so we will gain access via a key in the key safe at the front of the building.