Plan for next CGO Rehearsal

Dear CGO Members,
Here’s the plan for the rehearsal on 8th December received today from Valerie:
“Let’s start with Dulcinea, then all 3 Purcell, Christmas in Cambridge (somewhere in here we’ll have tea), Tren Urbano, Fairy Pools, and if time permits Mountain Thyme.  Might be a good idea to play through the pieces we work on as if we were at a recital. We didn’t have a chance at the last rehearsal so I would rather do that then practise Mountain Thyme. Save it as a back up plan.
At the end of rehearsal we will join together to celebrate Christmas and the holidays!
Attached is the form and it would be great if you could type in what you would like to bring, save, and send back to Michael.
Hopefully we can avoid doubling up.
Looking forward to our last rehearsal of 2019!”
Any replies that update the food form I will post to a copy of the form held on Google Drive:
CGOPartyFoodList.docx at
and for those who cannot open a .docx file (although you should be able to do that within the web browser at the Google Drive site) there’s also this:
CGOPartyFoodList.pdf at