Michael Poll – Rodrigo Concerto at the Bloomsbury Festival on the 12th of October

Dear CGO Members,
About the complimentary ticket I mentioned at the last rehearsal.
If you would like to use the ticket please email me a number between 1 and 100 before 11pm Sunday 6th Oct and the closest to the number I’ve selected (using www.random.org/) gets the ticket. Note that I’ll be on a canal boat at the time so won’t be submitting a number myself.
Here’s an excerpt from my correspondence with katie@polyphonyarts.com
“Dear Mike
That is great news. I will arrange a ticket. Very best wishes Katie
On 24 Sep 2019, at 21:56, Dr Michael Dennis Addlesee <maddlesee@uwclub.net <mailto:maddlesee@uwclub.net>> wrote:
I am sure one of the members of the Cambridge Guitar Orchestra would be pleased to attend if a complimentary ticket was made available. Thank you.
Mike Addlesee
CGO Chairman”
For whoever gets to use the ticket it might be best to email Katie and give her your name so the people at the door know who to admit.


Michael Poll is performing the Rodrigo Concerto at the Bloomsbury Festival on the 12th of October 7:30pm – 9:30pm.
Venue: Great Hall, London House, Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, Bloomsbury London, WC1N 2AB
More information and links to his work are available on his website, michaelpollguitar.com. Michael Poll has performed across the UK, the US, and South America, where he has earned praise for his refined and patrician interpretations. His debut album, of Bach for 7-string guitar, has garnered over 750k streams in the four months since its release, and has several hundred monthly listeners across the UK.