Classical Minds Update from Valerie

Valerie asked me to send this to you all. Note item 1) about Daniela’s online concert this evening.

Hi Everyone, I hope you have all been doing well since the festival in April. I wanted to let you all know that “Classical Minds” is having a workshop extension online and will take place Saturday, 10th of July. We will have active participants and non-active participants. So, if you are too shy to play in-front of others you don’t have to. I will have the website updated soon with the application and information. Our faculty are giving online concerts Fri the 9th and Sat the 10th in the evenings. You can enjoy the concerts with Daniela Rossi, Eleanor Kelly, Mathew James and myself.
A few things: 1) Daniela Rossi will be giving a free concert  on Saturday 8th May from 8 pm at Clare Hall, Cambridge, live-streamed via YouTube at’s The theme of the concert centres around the Folias of Spain. She will be giving a world premiere by Vincent Lindsey-Clark.
2) Andrew Williams, composer extraordinaire published through Bergmann Editions, is interviewing composers who are published through them. I have had 80 radio/TV/publications interviews but all as a performer. This is my 1st interview as a composer! <> You can find my two trilogies, Wanderlust and Three Nordic Sketches <> for purchase. Thank you Andrew and Allan.
3) Eleanor Kelly is off to Spain on her adventures finishing up her Master Degree in Music Universidad de Alicante.  As an IGF Young Artist Platform artist, she will make her London debut as part of the scheme and première works commissioned by IGF for her at Kings Place, London, in 2021. On July 16th she will be performing at their summit.
Thank you everyone and have a lovely week, Valérie Hartzell, Artistic Director <> <>