CGO Zoom session this Sunday for those interested.

Dear CGO members,
I know that Zoom calls are probably losing their appeal now that it’s become so mainstream. The next CGO call is due this Sunday 28th at 2pm for anyone interested.
It was me, Mike and Colin at the last one. I’m still enjoying Mike’s challenge to do more solos, one per week, with a video at the end of each week. I’ve been trying to put into action all of Valerie’s advice – slow practise, use of metronome etc and it does work. It’s been very helpful in rebuilding my solo confidence. I know I’ll never be a great guitarist but I’ve renewed my enjoyment of the journey.
CGO Zoom Personal Meeting ID which is:    3177567251
The password is:    CGO@Zoom1
Via a browser you can simply click on this link: