CGO Rehearsal 20th October

Dear CGO members,
It is time to raid the dressing up box for the video recording this Sunday. Don’t forget, I don’t want to be the only one. Here’s the plan from Valerie:
“Be prepared for a ghostly afternoon recording Gnome Zombies and Weeping Angels. There is promise of cake at break time!
Also, we will rehearse non ghoulish music, including Fairy Pools, Tren Urbano (I can hear those metronomes ticking away), & Duclinea. I know Christmas is a long ways away but it would be lovely to record the Christmas carol piece I wrote for CGO. So, we will start rehearsing this in October, rehearse it a lot in November and record at end of our November session. One of our members is away in December, so hence recording it in November. If time permits this Sunday, maybe we could play through both Walton?”
There will probably be a follow up email about part allocations, Carol music etc.