CGO latest news

Dear CGO Members,
I’m sorry to have to tell you that we won’t be restarting rehearsal in September.
The committee met a while ago (by Zoom video conference) to discuss this and came to the conclusion that we have too many members that need to shield so it’s really not practical to restart rehearsals. This will be reviewed before January.
Foxton Village Hall have been made aware of this decision and understand our position.
During the meeting the committee also voted for Colin to be confirmed as CGO treasurer. This was based on constitution clauses 17 & 18. Formalities with Lloyds bank are underway.
The committee were keen to try and keep the group engaged, motivated and practising. We have a few ideas but would like your feedback about what you would like to do.
1) Possibility of meeting in CGO member’s gardens as quartets, weather permitting.
2) Working towards one or more virtual orchestra pieces. These would be videos assembled from individual recordings by each player on mobile phones. Michael A offered to do the video editing. Perhaps these could be posted to YouTube if successful.
3) 2 hour Zoom meeting with mix of technique talk and solo playing.
4) Something else?
Regarding idea number 2, Valerie was asked if she could suggest a couple of suitable pieces. Valerie thought Cantilena by Jenkins ( might be a good piece, and there is the Thierry Tisserand piece that was dedicated to her. The Cantilena was performed at the Classical Minds weekend and went down very well. The Tisserand (“La valse des brumes” and “La valse des souvenirs”) is a trio so should be much easier to put together, it was published in August. Valerie had previously assigned parts for the Tisserand and the Score is available via the CGO website ( Anne would you like to join in with this Tisserand piece?
Parts reminder:
VALSE DES BRUMES (New): Guitar 1: Mat, Tom, Mike A, Antonio Guitar 2: Colin, Mike L, Hannah Guitar 3: Anne, Lily, Huw, David
Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything that may have been brought up in prior emails to me. Been letting my email checking slip lately.